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All eyes are on PowerShift Atlantic, which is one of 19 Clean Energy Fund projects currently underway in Canada. This one has the potential to bring more wind energy to North America. With the collaboration and support of partners like Sequentric, PowerShift Atlantic has the potential to make a positive environmental impact for generations to come.

Norma McCarthy   Énergie NB Power

Sequentric’s variable capacity water heating technology provides the ability to pre-heat the incoming cold water in a way that is essentially decoupled from the customer’s hour-by-hour hot water usage. This makes a number of very sophisticated energy products possible, including frequency regulation, wind support, traditional demand response, and other ancillary services.

Eric Rehberg   The Battelle Memorial Institute

While Battelle is retrofitting existing water heaters with Sequentric’s load controller right now, it has also tested the company’s new design, which could allow for additional, finer grained control and provide additional storage capability compared to a traditional water heater.

Jason Black   The Battelle Memorial Institute